Thursday, June 11, 2009

summer solstice 2008

The brave mostly-naked bicyclists of Summer Solstice 2008!

Baby N was barely 5 months old & really didn't dig the crowds
& the heat at last year's massive neighborhood festivities.
I'm hoping he'll be into the hubbub this year.


Jeanette said...

When is it this year? When I see pictures, it always makes me wonder, "What happens when these people wipe out".

Jenni said...

It's the weekend of June 20 & 21. I'll be staffing a booth too! just giving thirsty folks lemonade & water for the puppies.

The cyclists sort of meander which doesn't present much risk of wiping out. There was that one guy who was coasting & posing (to the crowd's dismay) & really could have hurt himself quite badly in an accident! but Everyone kept clear of him.