Tuesday, June 2, 2009

formula for motherhood

When my son was only a few weeks old there were a few women, well-intentioned, who advised me to breastfeed exclusively (no formula ever) and to stop taking antidepressants (for post-partum depression). I knew that wasn't the best option for us and yet... doubt riddled its way in, compounding my despair & confusion.

One morning the note above greeted me from the fridge...
I laughed!

My husband was pissed at those nice ladies. I was pissed too!
& it was ok & it was over. We chose what worked best for us. Their values had nothing to do with our daily life. Let them do their thing while we do ours.

My son is 16 months old now. Big & strong & running around & healthy. Making me laugh, everyday, showing me life from another point of view, and helping me put things into perspective - just like his dad.

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Jeanette said...

I tried to breastfeed everyone of my kids. Never worked. Someone once tried to tell me there was something wrong with my parenting because we couldn't get the hang of it.

Whatever! As my daughter-in-law says, must be why he likes big boobs.

That big boy is a great kid with a fabulous mom and dad! It's all good!